saponified olive, coconut, castor & neem oils, milk powder & ess oils of lavender, cedarwood, lemon eucalyptus & tea tree

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vanilla fragrance, grated coconut

patchouli, lavender, orange & petitgrain essential oils, dead sea mineral mud

lemongrass & lime essential oils, colour

cinnamon, orange & patchouli essential oils, lentils & poppyseeds

saponified olive and coconut oils, fresh goats milk and manuka honey

lavender & orange essential oils, manuka honey & oatmeal

olive, neem and castor oils, lavender, eucalyptus citriodora, cedarwood and tea tree essential oils and milk powder

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lavender and patchouli essential oils

orange, aniseed, patchouli, clove and cinnamon essential oils, colour, black clay

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saponified olive and coconut oils, fresh goats milk

Note: unless otherwise described, all our soap is in a base of olive oil       

              PALM OIL FREE       &       TESTED ON HUMANS